Experimental Study on CO_2 Catalytic Gasification of Pine Sawdust

The CO2 catalytic gasification of pine sawdust was studied by fixed-bed reactors and thermal gravimetric analysis.The results showed that:( 1) Increasing the temperature and adding Ca CO3 and K2CO3catalyst helped increasing gas production,reducing the yield of liquid and solid production; but when the temperature reached 950 ℃,the trend of gas production gradually weakened,instead,the liquid yield slightly increased and the production of solid slowly decreased. The gas was mainly composed of CO and CO2,followed by H2 and CH4,and other gases such as C2H6、C2H4and C2H2,but the content was low.( 2) Increasing the temperature and adding Ca CO3 catalyst was benefit for tar cracking and reducing the component of tar,however,adding K2CO3 catalyst increased the component of tar.( 3) Adding Ca CO3 catalyst,the solid product has not been seriously damaged,but the surface of the solid product containing more Ca CO3,formation of the active centers,promoting the reaction of CO2 with pine sawdust.Adding K2CO3,the solid product was significantly damaged,K2CO3 infiltration to pine sawdust in catalytic,with C forming KCK intercalated structure,promoting pine sawdust and CO2 response.