Ethical Reflection on Hyper – reality Problem of Technology Information: The Perspective of Borgmann' s Philosophy of Technology and Philosophy of Information

Modern information technology has brought about the change of our own existence way and living circumstances. It can structure out information as reality by means of replacing traditional signs or things with technological device. This information attempts to offer a contextualized "reality", even, which is more attractive "Hyper – reality" on the phenomenon, on the sensory and in nature than actual reality, to substitute for reality itself. They have entertaining, effectiveness, lightening burden and so on,which make actual reality boring, rough and heaviness; people are enthusiastic about this informa- tion consumption, however, ignore the participating in reality itself; they will degrade traditional information into instrumental performance or understanding background. As a result, we advocate such an ethical attitude towards information: technology information should be treated as a means to enrich man' s life throughout, rather than be highlighted as an end in itself; traditional information should be developed according to its own characteristics, there arc linkage and continuity between traditional information and reality, they should be preserved, sign and thing should keep balance, human' s body – mind will be rooted in realistic soil.