Effects of vibration reduction pad on lateral vibration characteristics of a missile underwater vertically launched

When a missile is vertically launched under water in a tube, the deformation of vibration reduction pad is coupled with the motion of the missile, and the lateral vibration of the missile is directly affected by the dynamic characteristics of the pad while it's in the launch tube. Here, the dynamic model of the missile underwater vertically launched was built with the momentum and momentum moment theorems, the free vibration characteristics of the missile in the tube was analyzed, and the lateral vibration equations of the missile were finally obtained with respect to the launch platform coordinate system. Furthermore, the effects of pad rigidity, its length and distribution in the tube on the lateral vibration frequencies of the missile, its cross-section internal forces, and the motion attitude of the missile during its flying out off the tube were studied. The study results provided a theoretical foundation and study tools for the missile under water launching system optimization design.