Effects of Plant Virus Infection on Biological Factors and Their Interactions in the Ecosystem

Plant virus can harm or gain host plants,and plant virus infection can change the ecological adaptability,growth and development characteristics and behavior characteristics of arthropods and their natural enemies.There are interactions between plant viruses and vector-arthropods,non-vector arthropods,vector natural enemies,other pathogenic microorganisms.Risk assessment is an important means to prevent the invasion of alien species.Clarifying the various biological factors and their interactive relations that affect the host ecosystem is the research basis of ecological risk assessment caused by plant virus infection.Here we make an overview on the interactive relationships among the plant viruses and the host plant,vector-arthropods,non-vector arthropods,vector natural enemies,other pathogenic microorganisms etc.We also discuss the future research directions of plant virus ecology on the perspectives of invasion ecology and plant virus ecology,aiming at providing an important study basis for the ecological risk assessment after plant virus invades an ecosystem as well as the control and prevention of plant virus disease.