Effects of Particle Size and Temperature on Solubility of RDX

The solubility of RDX with average particle size of 20 m,5 m,500 nm and 100 nm in the 8solvents including the ethyl acetate,ethanol,propyl alcohol,isopropanol,n-butyl alcohol,sec-butyl alcohol,isobutanol and deionized water at 5,20,40℃and 60℃ respectively were measured by the evaporation method of the solvent in the saturated solution.Results show that the solubility of RDX with the same granularity level is lowest in the deionized water and highest in the ethyl acetate.The solubility in ethanol is higher than that in propyl alcohol and butyl alcohol.The solubility in n-butyl alcohol is higher than that in sec-butyl alcohol and isobutanol.In same solvent,the solubility of RDX at the same temperature increases with decreasing of the particle size.The solubility of RDX with same granularity level increases with the increasing of temperature.