Effect of Molybdenum on Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Copper-iron Alloy Coating by Plasma Transferred Arc Process

The effects of adding 4% Mo on microstructure and wear resistance of clad copper-iron alloy coating by a plasma transferred arc process were investigated. The results show that the Fe-rich second phase which generated by liquid phase separation in clad molybdenum-free copper-iron alloy coating is concentrated in near surface area by the influence of gravity, the microstructure of the Fe-rich second phase is coarse, with a characteristic of hypoeutectic structure. The addition of molybdenum which mainly dissolves in the Fe-rich second phase does not only homogenize the Fe-rich second phase, but the microstructure is refined as well. The vary of Fe-rich second phase in the clad copper-iron alloy coating with 4% Mo is attributed to the increase in hardness and wear resistance.