Effect of high-fat diet onprostate cancer grow thinm ouse models

Objective:To investigate the effect of high-fat diet on tumor growth of prostate cancer(PCa)in mice.Methods:PCa mouse models were established and randomly divided into two groups:the normal diet group and the high-fat diet group.The experiment lasted for 30 days.Each group has 20 mice.To know the effect of high-fat diet on cholesterol by testing the blood lipid;to observe the effect of high cholesterol on tumor growth by calculating tumor index;to understand the effect of high cholesterol on tumor morphology by HE staining;to study the effect of high cholesterol on survival time by plotting the survival curves;to discover the effect of high-fat diet on the antioxidant capacity by testing superoxide dismutase(SOD)and malondialdehyde(MDA)levels.Results:High-fat diet could induce hypercholesterolemia in mice with prostate cancer,increase body weight,increase tumor index and reduce mice survival time.Morphological changes show that high-fat diet increased the distribution and density of vascularity in the tumor tissue.The interstitial space was wider and the lipid content has increased,and the nucleoplasmic ratio in the high-fat diet group was elevated.The seum cholesterol of mice with high-fat diet was significantly increased,and the ability of anti-oxidative stress was decreased.All these pathological difference between the high-fat diet group and normal diet group show that high-fat diet made cells more vigorously.Conclusions:High-fat diet may accelerate tumor growth by decreasing antioxidant capacity,increasing oxidative stress products of prostate cancer mice.