Dynamic Model and Attitude Control for Airship Under the Atmospheric Turbulence

Atmospheric turbulence is a key factor that affects the high altitude airship movement in horizontal direction. The turbulence disturbance has a serious impact on the safety and station-keeping capability of the airship. Overcoming the turbulent disturbance has a direct influence on the payload carrying and flight duration. According to the characteristics of the high altitude turbulence and the effect on the attitude adjustment,firstly,the turbulent flow transfer function model is built. Secondly,the dynamic model of the airship under the disturbance of the wind field is constructed according to the wind velocity triangle relationship. Lastly,an internal-model control method is introduced to design the attitude control system of the airship. The perturbation signal is fed back to the input of the system and thus can control the perturbation directly. The simulation results indicate that the designed controller can overcome the turbulent disturbance impact effectively.