Dynamic Characteristics Simulation of Projectile-borne Device Based on Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar

In order to study the mechanism of projectile-borne devices against high overload,the sustainable limit load of projectile-borne device and the output stress on projectile-bornre device after load shedding are got by SHPB device and high speed camera. For the deformation of load shedding subassembly due to stress wave effect and strain rate effect coupling under shock,a nonlinear dynamic model of the projectile-borne device with load shedding subassembly is established based on the nonlinear properties of viscoelastic material. The material property of load shedding subassembly can be got by parameter identification and compatibility relationship of characteristic line,the experimental result is well consistent with the theoretical calculation. The model provides the theoretical research and method for the dynamic characteristics of projectile-borne device in high-overload environment.