DSN038S150 goes against the stopping device

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DSN(NJD) Go against the stopping device (hereafter referred to as and go against the stopping device) at a low speed It is Xintai moderating machine Co., Ltd. of Hebei, according to the demand of the market. In the domestic like product design theory is very plinth. Combine our going against the stopping device and making design idea and passing the face for many years. A new kind of developed goes against stopping device. This development has filled in the domestic blank on the market at present. It is specialized on large inclination, large luck amount belt plane. It is the ideal going against and stopping the device at present. This type went against the stopping device to draw the products design idea that domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises produce and craft of advanced science and technology. It is novel in design. Improving on the existing type products constantly. Have fully solved various design weak points generally going against the stopping device. Wedge piece group that a wedge piece of result that inside adopts formed. They have been covered with the whole internal and external interval enclosed and is formeds. The module is distributed evenly. Until contact area large stop, make it stop, have safe even more not to go against. Adopt the lubricated system of rare oil against the stopping device inside. Can not need to change the oil and safeguard for 3000 hours continuously at the time of normal running, go against automatic internal and surface of job of the stopping device and fully lubricate, change the general coefficient of friction, the service life lengthening the stopping device of going against. Comprehensive mechanical performance is improved notably. Unique defending being transferred to the arm and dividing the body to design, make when it needs to reverse to overhaul or other in the belt machine. Only need to can be realized simple operation.
2,Operation principle
It go against stopping device is burn if you can’t do by pieces of wedge pieces special-shaped, distribute in certain law in from inside and outside if you can’t enclose by one that form, roll at line. Inside and outside enclose between roll dish adopt let’s make a reservation bearing support. Make it operate steadily. Outer lane and defending transferring the arm of force to to bind. The arm of force is blocked the limit location of iron fixedly. Each wedge piece has adopted unique spraining the reed to design. Can guarantee, have interval go against, stop, receive the intersection of strength and synchronous with each the intersection of wedge and piece against stop receive strength. And because the shape of the piece of the wedge is unique when the inner circle normal revolution run. Living, does it do in mechanics and torsion? ? ? Make and reach the ultralow result that abrades it before the revolution is entered and stopped to run against the inner circle of stopping device. The wedge piece goes against the initial strength of stopping under the function of spraining Zambia’s strength, capture the electricity in the conveyer or while lowering and shutting down. To promote gravity force inner circle overturn against person who stop supplies. And drive the piece of the wedge to turn partial. Go against the intersection of wedge and the intersection of piece and inner circle of stopping etc. it and outer lane suck wedge become an organic whole, realize, have the interval go against and stop the function.
3,Range of application
Go against the back run that can prevent the supplies from taking place of the stopping device because of gravity or glide the accident; And while going against and stopping the state, an actuating device of well is still in unloading state. Will not influence and drive the maintenance of the part and change to the motor, moderating machine,etc.. The ones that because drives the system and damage and present to prevent from go against and act so have reliable safe protection. Go against person who stop person who bring conveyer, bucket elevator, the intersection of waxing scraper and conveyer go against and stopping protecting with large-scale to incline material son. Other apparatuses should be consulted and used.
When the safe rule of the locality is allowed. Can be used as braking for subsequent use while going against the stopping device in some application. But can’t be regarded as the direct brake using or other substitutes of the apparatus. With whom protects should stop correct installation splendidly to go against, lubricate and operate in operation correctly. Guarantee running speed its, against stop moment and spit, carry on one’s shoulder or back terms in the range of application while being other, could succeed in reaching rated power. The stopping device does not guarantee to transmit directly or drive systems installed act on and go against the trouble that motive force shakes and produces on the stopping device or bad to run to go against.
4,Environment for use
Going against the stopping device will produce certain heat in the course of running, should ventilate appropriately. The temperature can reach 80 degrees to go against the stopping device during permission, need to check the impact on apparatus of the host computer. Should take the adequate measure if necessary. Use the ambient temperature degree to exceed 38t or to adopt and protect and arrange covering while working in the open. In case that exceed maximumly and allow the temperature of 80 degrees against the stopping device temperature. Such as using ventilating having
Prepare against or cool the apparatus, sunshade and cover or apply paint with a brush and reflect the coating. There should not be exposed corrosivity chemicals or hot vapour around to go against the stopping device. If potassium dust sulfic acid, four oxidize carbons, this will make the seal damaged in the nitrogen.
5.The choice and going against to stop the moment relevantly the stopping device amount of the type, it is less than or equal to going against the specified moment of the stopping device against stopping the moment that the host computer is necessary. It is less than or equal to going against the supreme revolution of inner circle of the stopping device going against the operation revolution of installing axle of the stopping device. Go against person who stop the intersection of axle and foot-path to install axle optional, go against person who stop according to maximum bearing capacity to install axle most loud aperture make. Matching the public errand to supply according to h7 standard of gb/1800.4-1999 while there is no special requirement of shaft hole. The keyway can be booked according to user’s request, the pattern size supplies according to the standard of gb/1095-1979 if there is no special requirement. Inner circle on it go against stopping for running, it fasten installation axle freely to for being clockwise at indicate by s code, counterclockwise to indicate by n code. The installation pattern of going against the arm of force of stopping device has multiple choices, the design of arm of force does not have the pin hole installation diagram 13 to divide. Have, mark out the intersection of arm of force and the intersection of design and dsn090 require, according to have the intersection of pin and hole, dsn130 above according to have pin holes supply, the angle of arm of force, according to installing and supplying vertically.

The name of product: DSN038-S-150 goes against the new type of the stopping device: DSN038-S-150 goes against the old type of the stopping device: DSN038-S-150 goes against the use of the stopping device: The unidirectional bearing can rotate in a direction freely, but lock a kind of bearing very much in another direction. The unidirectional bearing is called surmounting the clutch too, just on the basis of the trade, function, with coming to name. Fabrics machine; Printing machinery; Auto industry; Household appliances; Banknote identifying machine. Type: Unidirectional bearing

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