Development of smelting reduction iron making technology and future thinking

Due to the changes in the global iron and steel smelting resources and the improvement of environmental protection,non blast furnace ironmaking technology has attracted more and more attention.In recent years,new process and new technology are emerging in the field of non blast furnace ironmaking.Combined with the new frontier technology,several smelting reduction technologies´╝łCOREX,FINEX and HIsmelt´╝ëwith industrialization prospect have been emphatically introduced.And in the combination with the practice of production operation,exploration and innovation of the COREX-3000 in Baosteel Group,the insufficiency and the flaw of the smelting reduction ironmaking technology existing in the present have been objectively pointed out.And based on the practice of Baosteel,the special attention that should be paid to the future development of smelting reduction ironmaking technology has been proposed.