Design of Equipment Management System for Unmanned Solar Charging Station

Aiming at the inefficiency of equipment patrol and fault maintenance in solar charging station,the equipment management system is designed by using advanced information technology such as cloud server,ZigBee,GPRS and so on.Different from existing systems,on the basis of studying typical faults of equipment,QR two-dimensional code is used as the carrier of information transmission,and static and dynamic methods are used to classify and manage equipment.JAVA and HTML5 technology are used to develop the client.The modules of session management,two-dimensional code management and fault management are modularized in cloud platform.In order to meet the requirements of data transmission,WSN network nodes are configured to complete the rapid collection of equipment fault information,online management of electrical parameters such as voltage and current,and specifications such as number and model.Through the experimental test,the system realizes the networking and tracing of fault details and maintenance status in equipment management,and provides reliable basic data and technical support for the whole life cycle management of equipment.