Design and Research of Open Activity Space on Primary School Campus–Taking Jiangdu Shiyan Primary School in Jianle District in Yangzhou City as an Example

With the development of economy,quality education has put greater demand on campus construction.Compared with secondary schools and universities,the education in primary schools pays more attention to the comprehensive development of children's interest and cognition.As an important place for the education,schools must meet the requirements of children's activities,and guide them to grow up healthily.At present,the shortage of land for schools is not conducive to the growth of children,as well as the less consideration of the effect on open space on children's cognitive.Take the design of Jiangdu Shiyan Primary School in Jianle district in Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province as an example to provide some theory and basis for the open activity space for today's primary schools on the premise of meeting the current standards.