Design and Implementation of“One Map”Annual Renewal System of Forest Resources in Fujian Province

The research target is the annual update management of“one map”of forest resources in Fujian province,based on the detailed analysis of the process of forest resource renewal in the province,constructing the design framework of“One Map”annual renewal system of forest resources in Fujian province based on SOA framework and 3S technology.The key technologies such as off-line editing of map-genus integration,online renewal technology,dynamic deployment expansion technology and Business-based Historical Version Management Technology are adopted to realize the annual renewal management system of forest resources at province and county level,assistant decision-making system of forest resources and user authorization management system provide support for forestry business application,Delimitation of red line for ecological protection,Assessment of Restrictive Indicators,Audit of Leading Cadres′Departure,Preparation of Forest Resources Balance Sheet,Resource Regulation and Decision-making.