Design and implementation of temperature control system based on MCU

According to the temperature regulation and control requirements in current chemical,medical,aviation,aero-space and other high-tech fields,a set of distributed temperature control and acquisition system was designed. The specific hard-ware circuit design and software implementation methods are given. A digital temperature sensor is used to collect temperature. Compared with the traditional temperature measurement device,it has more simple structure,higher temperature measurement precision,wider application rang,etc. In combination with AT89S51 and PC communication mechanism,the serial communica-tion based on multi-thread technology is adopted to extend the functions of serial communication with PC and remote monitoring, and achieve the real-time temperature automatic monitoring,automatic adjustment and intelligent alarm in object region. Experi-mental results show that the system has the characteristics of low cost,convenient application and extension,which can be wide-ly used in peopleļ¼‡s daily life,industry,agriculture and scientific research,and can provide a reference for the extensive applica-tion.