Design and Economic Analysis of Adjustable Ten-Stage Heat Regeneration System for 1 000-MW Ultra-Supercritical Unit

In this paper, the in-depth study is conducted on the feasibility and economics of the adjustable ten-stage heat regeneration system for the two 1 000-MW ultra-supercritieal units with one reheat cycle in Shenhua Guohua Yongzhou Power Plant (2×1 000 MW) Phase I Project. The serial No.0 high-pressure heater, equipped with the control valve to regulate the extraction pressure, is placed upstream the outer steam cooler. Under the partial load conditions, compared with the ten-stage heat regeneration system with nonadjustable stage, the initial steam pressure of/he No.0 HP heater and the feedwater temperature are both improved, which lowers the turbine heat rate by 12N38 k J/kWh, showing significant decrease of coal consumption. As a result, the total comprehensive benefit of the two units in 20 years can be as much as 53.08 million yuan.