Deep ditch ball bearing 6003 of secret service

It is explained that relevant secret service brand bearings are calculated axially:

The deep ditch ball bearing theory does not receive axial force, but will receive slight axial force in the actual application course, because it has certain adjusting heart function, after disappearing in axial force, the size that will get back to original position axial force again should have connections with the real working environment, ball bearing received after axial force is to contact the angle the strength situation, it if you can’t turn into, similar to by horn contact ball bearing,pieces of axial force still and bearing the backlashes of itself, lead the radius to have a very great relation in the irrigation canals and ditches.

Especially backlash, backlash large, steel ball take exercises the larger range in axial position, the greater the only axial backlash is, the greater the axial force that can bear is, but the backlash can’t be blind either big.

In a word, can tell you, this axial force should be far smaller than radial strength, why specifically calculate, because it is unable to foresee to exposed to the angle, cannot know if the bearing receive the radial the loaded one needs to receive continuously yet to be axially loaded while, the exertion of the deep ditch ball bearing is unreasonable, because sustain the life-span reduced the deep ditch ball bearing by axial force, can choose horn contact ball bearing or taper, get away sub bearing according to rotational speed and other industrial and mining, if need to be choose to contact the ball bearing two-wayly four o’clock by axial force, pair lists the taper and rolls sub bearing or pair lists the angle and contacts the ball bearing.

The bearing is a characteristic pillar industry of Linxi county, have enjoyed the reputation of the township of the Chinese bearing, the Chinese bearing large world is a market of national 3A grade. The sales organization of Hebei of the secret service bearing offers all kinds of type bearings to everybody as the brand bearing trader, the type is complete.

The name of product: Deep ditch ball bearing 6003 of secret service New type: 6003 old types: 103 internal diameters: 17( mm) External diameter: 35( mm) Weight: 0.040( kg) Use: The deep ditch ball bearing can be used in the gearbox, instrument and apparatus, electrical machinery, household appliances, internal-combustion engine, traffic vehicle, agricultural machinery, machinery of the building, engineering machinery, roller bearing type wheel slippery shoes, long ball,etc.. Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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