Current situation and prospect of fuel supply of general airports

With the strong national policy support and the reform of low-altitude airspace management, the general aviation industry will develop rapidly, healthily and orderly. It is believed to be another sunrise industry following trunk airports and regional airports. In general aviation market, there is still a large gap between China and foreign developed countries either in the quantity of general aircrafts or in the general aviation flight amount, and China has great development potential in this industry. In China, there are a series of problems existing in the aviation fuel supply of general airports, and the supply system needs to be further developed. Moreover, such issues as obvious contradiction between supply and demand, and no unified price system should be addressed, and the security of transportation, storage and tilling equipment need to be improved. This paper proposes development ideas that, on the basis of mature aviation fuel supply assurance mode of trunk airports and regional airports, the aviation fuel supply of general airports will be guaranteed relying on the mature aviation fuel supply network of transportation airports, and the primary and secondary fuel supply networks will be gradually established. Moreover, aviation gasoline price system and industry supervision system of general airports will be set up. (1 Figure, 2 Tables, 10 References)