Cu^2+ adsorption properties of activated carbon prepared by pomelo peel residue

Pomelo peel-based activated carbon(PPAB)was prepared from the residue after extracting naringin.The adsorption performance for Cu^2+ in solution was studied under different pH,density,adsorbate concentration,time,temperature,adsorbent particle size and desorption agent.The results showed that the removal rate of PPAB for Cu^2+ was 94.47%,and the maximum adsorption capacity was 7.09 mg/g under the conditions of the pH6,the density of PPAB4g/L,the initial concentration of Cu^2+ 30mg/L,the temperature 35 °C and the time 60 min.The effect of 0.25 mol/L hydrochloric acid desorption for Cu^2+ was the best,and the recovery rate was 98.21%.The Langmuir isotherm could be well fitted in the adsorption process.The average yield of PPAB was 36.9%,and the specific surface area was up to 1764 m^2·g-1.PPAB has broad prospects as adsorbent for the treatment of wastewater with low concentration heavy metals.