Computational Model of Low-to-Intermediate Temperature Ignition Delay Time for Methanol-Air Mixture

The oxidation characteristics of methanol-air mixture at low-to-intermediate temperatures were investi- gated numerically in this work. Based on the analysis of the detailed kinetic mechanism of methanol, a nine-step skeletal model was developed and validated by comparing the computational ignition delay time under 1 500 K with that from detailed mechanism. With further analysis of auto-ignition behavior in a homogeneous adiabatic system, an explicit formula for ignition delay time was derived, which had a simple form and showed good agreement with numerical results. It was indicated that the ignition delay time of methanol-air mixture at low-to-intermediate temperatures was mainly controlled by the reaction rate of CH3OH + HO2→CH2OH + H2O2, which has a dominant effect on the oxidation behavior of methanol within this temperature range.