Combustion Tuning Practice of DLN 2.0+System for Heavy Duty Gas Turbine

In order to improve the operation and maintenance quality of the gas turbine,and master the regularity of its DLN combustion tuning,in this paper,the tuning rules are summarized through the practice with DLN 2.0+system of the gas turbine.The study shows that the dynamic pressure fluctuation in each frequency band and the NOx emission can be balanced by the adjustment of purge air quantity and the PM1 fuel ratio.When the content of NO2 in the exhaust gas exceeds a certain concentration level during the gas turbine start-up,the visible"yellow plume"will appear.Through switching to the piloted premix mode as early as possible,and minimizing the fuel ratio of D5 and PM1,the impact of"yellow plume"during the gas turbine starting up process can be alleviated.