Clutch bearing 58TKB3506 of high-quality car

Function introduction

Applicable style; Mitsubishi

Separation bearing of the clutch

The clutch separates the bearing to install between clutch and gear box, separate the bearing seat to loose and fit on the tube extension that the axle bearing of the gear box first overlays, make the protruding shoulder which separates the bearing support and separate the fork all the time through the return spring, and retreat to the last position, with separating the tip of lever (separate to point) Keep about 3~4mm of intervals.

Because the clutch presses one, separates levers to synchronize with bent axle of the engine operating, and separating the fork can only move axially along the output shaft of the clutch, it is obviously not all right to set aside and separate levers by separating the fork directly, can make it move axially along the output shaft of the clutch while rotating not to separate levers through separate bearing, thus has guaranteed the clutch can be jointed smooth-goingly, separates softly, reduce the abrasion, lengthen service life when clutch and the whole transmission are.

Performance is required

Clutch separate bearing it moves to be should flexible, have sharp noise or stagnat phenomenon of Carlos, its axial interval can’t exceed 0. 60mm, the circle of inner seat can’t exceed 0 abrading. 30mm

The name of product: Clutch bearing 58TKB3506 of high-quality car New type: 58TKB3506 bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Car clutch Type: Car bearing

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