Cloning and Expression Analysis on Growth Hormone Synthase Gene YUCCA10 of Tea Plant

【Objective】In order to explore the molecular mechanism of YUCCA10 gene and auxin synthesis on the development of tea plant flower,the expression pattern of YUCCA10 gene was studied in normal flowers and sterile flowers.【Method】In the early study of the difference between normal and sterile flower transcriptome of tea plant,a gene sequence highly homologous to YUCCA10 gene was obtained.The full-length transcriptome database of‘Yuncha 1’tea plant and PCR technology were used to clone and verify the YUCCA10 gene,and its bioinformatics characteristics were analyzed.Meanwhile,qRT-PCR technology was applied to study its expression characteristics.【Result】It was proved that the YUCCA10 gene contained one open reading frame of 1137 bp,encoding 379 amino acids,molecular weight of 42.63 kDa,and the isoelectric point of 8.88.Tea plant YUCCA10 protein had the binding sites of NADPH and FAD,which was homologous to various plants’YUCCA10 proteins.CsYUCCA10 expression by QRT-PCR analysis in normal flowers increased with the growth and development of flowers,while the expressions in petals,stamens,pistils and different developmental periods of sterile flowers were lower than that in normal flowers.【Conclusion】The CsYUCCA10 gene of tea plant could not be synthesized normally in sterile flowers,which affected the development of flowers and led to infertility.