Characteristics of Reproductive EndocrinePprofiles in Eelderly Expected POR Patients with Clomiphene Citrate Treatment Undergoing IVF/ICSI

Objective:To investigate characteristics of reproductive endocrine profiles in elderly expected POR patients with clomiphene citrate administrated in different timing during IVF/ICSI.Methods:297 cycles were included into this retrospective analysis.According to different timing of using CC,endocrine profiles including serum FSH,LH,E2 and P,and clinical outcome including spontaneous ovulation rate would be compared between groups.Results:In the group CC was used in the whole follicle phase,LH level would increase immediately and stabilized at a higher level until oocyte retrieval.However,in the group CC was used in the early follicle phase,LH level represented an increased at first,and with the CC discontinuation,LH level decreased and would not increase until the late follicle phase.While in the group CC was used in the late follicle phase,LH level gradually increased after CC administration.There was no significant difference in the incidence of premature LH surge and spontaneous ovulation rate among groups.Conclusion:In mild stimulation protocol with CC administrated in different timing,although LH level on hCG day was at high level,P could maintain at low level,and effectively prevented spontaneous ovulation.