Characteristics Analyzing of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle with Heat and Power Generation on Different Ambient Temperature and Load

In order to study the influence of ambient temperature on gas turbine combined cycle with heat and power generation,firstly modeling the components of combined cycle with modular modeling method, then using the relationship of parameters of components to couple each model for the entire system,finally summarizing by comparing the characteristics of the units at various ambient temperatures At full capaci- ty,there is an optimum combined cycle efficiency with the change of ambient temperature,which is mainly related to the change rule of condenser pressure.The change rule of condenser pressure turns at Ta = 8℃ ,and the optimum combined cycle efficiency appears at this temperature.While operating at part load,the optimum ambient temperature of the bottom cycle performance is different in the high,middle and low load.At the heat supplying condition,the optimal heat supplying method is offered for the cogen- eration unit when using different indexes to evaluate,such as operating at high electrical load to supply heat when the economic efficiency adopted as the evaluation index of cogeneration unit.