Studies on Removing F and Cl by Wet Method Using Zinc Dust with High Content of F and Cl

Removal of fuorine and chlorine from zinc oxide dust (Zn56%. F0. 8%. Cl4. 0%) by alkaline cleaning with sodium carbonate were studied in this paper. The results show that F and C1 removal rates are 92. 8% and 97. 2% respectively under the optimum conditions including ratio of liquid to solid of 1.5 : 1, […]

Fault diagnosis of shell transfer arm based on FDA and neural network

To solve the problem that fault detection and isolation is difficult in automatic ammunition loading systems,a shell transfer arm is taken as an object and the fault diagnosis is broken into four information abstractions: the abstraction from a real equipment to a simulation model,the abstraction from the simulation model to response curves,the abstraction from the […]

Design of current feedback system for J-TEXT DRMP AC power based on digital peak value detection

A digital peak detection circuit based on FPG A is designed on J-TEXT tokamak. By using this circuit, the signal of the load current is sampled by an analog-to-digital(AD) converter, and then filtered by a FIR digital filter. The peak value of each semi sinusoidal period is picked by using peak detection algorithm, and finally, […]

Calculation and Analysis of Gas Hammer in Space Pipe

Based on isentropic equation, this paper analyzed the transient flow of compressible fluid, and derived the calculation formula of flow field in space pipe. Using software developed to calculate the flow field of selected elbow and tee, and calculation results showed that the accuracy of gas hammer software developed was high enough for engineering. Through […]

Research on the emission characteristics of the engine fueled with hybrid dimethoxymethane diesel fuel

The emissions characteristics of an electronically controlled high pressure common rail diesel engine fueled with four proportions of dimethoxymethane(DMM),which are 0%,10%,15% and 20% were studied,as well as the influence of injection timing delay on the engine emissions.When the engine fuel and combustion system remain unchanged,the smoke emissions decreased dramatically of 80%and CO reduced 40% with […]

Preliminary innovation and exploration in teaching of entomology culture

The preliminary innovation and exploration on how to optimize teaching content, mobilize the students" enthusiasm and make full use of modern teaching techniques were discussed in this paper. After the reform and optimizing for these teaching programs, the education quality was improved and the studentsqearning interest and efficiency were promoted, which has a certain reference […]

Separation and Recovery of Germanium from Germanium Concentrates Pretreated by Alkali Oxidation

Germanium was recovered from low grade lignite germanium concentrates by oxidation with hydrogen peroxide under alkaline conditions and distillation separation with hydrochloric acid.Germanium recovery is 97.2% above with 31.5percent point higher than that of conventional distillation under the optimum conditions including dosage of sodium hydroxide of 30% of germanium concentrates,dosage of hydrogen peroxide(30%)of 25% of […]

Direct Leaching Process of Zinc at Atmospheric Pressure and Oxygen Enriched and Characteristics of Calcium-magnesium Crystals

The novel process for direct leaching of zinc from concentrate at atmospheric pressure and enriched-oxygen and the problems existed in the process are introduced.Aimed to the serious problem induced by crystallization of calcium-magnesium sulfate in the process in Zhuzhou Smelter,phase composition of the crystal substances and the influence of temperature on concentrations of Ca^2+,Mg^2+,Zn^2+in zinc […]

Optimization and Kinetics of Washing for RDX by Ultrasonic Assistance

ZHANG Yao-xuan;CHEN Hou-he;HU Xiu-juan;College of Chemistry Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology; The washing process and deacidification kinetics for R DX were investigated using the ultrasonic technique.The effects of ultrasonic time,temperature,ultrasonic frequency and ultrasonic power on the washing and deacidification for acidiferous RDX with acidity as the evaluation indicator by the single factor test were […]

The Physical and Chemical Properties of UF6 Have an Influence on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities

This paper discussed the safety issues in the facilities of physical and chemical properties of UF6 uranium conversion, enrichment and manufacturing and proposed the directions of the future research. and nuclear component manufacturing and proposed the directions of the future research.