Studies on Biting Characteristic of Down-hole Tools with Slips

According to the method of rigidity experiment,the casing specimens’width of bite mark bitten by slips under certain forces was obtained.After the research of the width of bite mark,it was found that the actual height bitten by slips was one third of that calculated by rigidi-ty formula approximately and the forces in each teeth decreased linearly,the […]

Control Allocation Based on Hybrid Optimization Fish Swarm Algorithm for Near Space Vehicles

According to the control allocation problem of near space vehicles, a control allocation method based on HOFSA( Hybrid Optimization Fish Swarm Algorithm) is studied. HOFSA fused by differential evolution and genetic evolution is applied to dynamic constrained control allocation problem by fully considering the dynamic constraints. The initial fishes are generated randomly according to the […]

Translation Loss and Compensation under Cultural Default Situation——A Case on the Culture of Chinese Lian&He

Translation is a kind of necessary language activity during people's communication since the old time. It occurs because people, who have different backgrounds of knowledge and culture, have to exchange their thoughts. The different understandings will happen due to different backgrounds of knowledge and culture. Therefore, it causes the translation loss and needs the compensation. […]

Hot Corrosion Behavior of Ni-Cr-W Based Superalloys in Molten Salt

In this work, hot corrosion behavior of Ni-20Cr-18W based superalloys at 900℃ has been investiga- ted. The alloy corroded in 75 % Na2 SO4 +25 % NaCl mixture molten salt has been analyzed by optical microscope, X -ray diffraction, scanning electronic microscope and energy sispersive X-ray analysis. Results show that the Ni-20Cr -18W based superalloy […]

Study on the Behavior of Non-metallic Inclusions during Calcium Treatment of SPHC Steel

The behavior of inclusions during calcium treatment of SPHC steel has been researched by systematic sampling during the process of refining and continuous casting. The results show that before Ca treatment, the Al2O3 inclusions in steel mainly exist in triangular or irregular forms. After LF refining, most of inclusions are calcium aluminates which have been […]

Sulfate Corrosion Behavior of Slag Cement Mortar

The change of compressive strength and the bonding strength to spheroidal graphite cast iron of the slag cement mortar lining, as well as the change of its morphology before and after spray corrosion test with 10%Na2SO4salt were investigated by means of compressive and tensile tests, and XRD, XRF and SEM respectively. The results show that […]

Analysis and Improvement of Throttling Orifice of NPP RCV System

We analyzed and simulated the throttling orifice RCV001/002/003DI of M310 NPP's RCV System. The defect in the original design of M310 has been found and optimized by using the step-orifice to reduce vibration and noise. This design change has been applied and verified by several NPPs which are either under construction or operation.

Numerical Calculation and Experimental Validation on Thickness Matching of Variable Thickness Double Layer Liner

Based on the energy efficiency viewpoint,a variable thickness double layer liner was put forward referring to the structure advantages of variable thickness liner and double layer liner.The structure parameters of this new liner were optimized using orthogonal experiment and finite element sofiware AUTODYN.The results were verified by experiment.The optimization results show that under the same […]

Communication Training Examining and Evaluating Method Based on BP Neural Network

For the examining and evaluating of communication training ,the basic influence factors of the quality in the commu‐nication training are anlyzed ,and the multi‐level examining and evaluating index of the communication is built .It operates the mathe‐matical analysis model using BP neural network evaluating method to complete the implementation of the program model to verify […]

Design of 270° for High Power Electron Bend Branch Irradiation Accelerator

In order to realize the multi-usage on one high power electron irradiation accelerator, the 270° bend branch is needed to be researched. The beam dynamic design and calculation were done for 270° bend branch with the Trace3D code. Two schemes of bend magnet were designed. One is 270° bend and the other is double 135° […]