Optimization Design of Ship-Borne Warning Helicopters Search Parameters

Ship-borne warning helicopter in the search target process needs to determine load machine search height and airborne radar beam angle of pitch.Based on airborne radar search principle, the establishment of radar load perception area model, arms constraint sure to meet the requirements of search parameters is combined. Considering the largest airborne radar search distance and […]

An Improved Fixed-Stepsize Adams-Cowell Numerical Integration Algorithm Based on Richardson Extrapolation

Aimming at the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations of the satellite,a fixed-stepsize Adams-Cowell numerical integration algorithm based on Richardson extrapolation is presented,Adams algorithm and Cowell algorithm is improved respectively. A detailed theoretical derivation is also proposed,and the general laws of the integration equations' coefficients with different orders are given in tabular form,which facilitates the […]

The Introspection of the Concept of Wisdom Earth

Since the IBM put forward the concept of wisdom earth in 2008, many countries integrated closely it with their development prospect in a positive situation, and took the highly-sophisticated technology of the digital, networked, intelligent, internet of things, cloud computing and so on as the key point of development strategy of their countries. As to […]


Dalugouerqu Chang 6 reservoir in Jing'an oilfield belongs to extreme low permeability reservoir,bystudying dates of core、logging、logging and testing in study area,to understand relationship of 4-property,tosolve the oil section net pay cut off of extreme low permeability reservoir:permeability limits is 0.1×10~(-3)μm~2,po-rosity lower limit is 8.5%;resistivity lower limit is 9.5 Ω·m,interval transit time is 220.0 μs/m,oil saturation […]

The Simulation of Neutron Multiplicity Pulse Train Acquisition by Using MCNPX

This paper mainly describes the theoretical formula and the principle of neutron pulse train genera- tion, and then uses MCNPX and MATLAB program to simulate the Portable Neutron Coincidence Counter (PNCC) for neutron multiplicity counting. The results have got the neutron multiplicity distribution of uranium materials and acquired the neutron pulse train. This experiment has […]

Inclusion Removal Behavior of 55SiCr Spring Steel During RH Vacuum Treatment

The total oxygen content, inclusion morphology, composition, number and size in 55SiCr spring steel at various times of RH vacuum treatment were investigated with Aspex Explorer analyzer. Results showed that the T. O and inclusion number decrease with increasing RH vacuum processing time, but the decreasing speed becomes gradu- ally slower. The inclusions are globular […]

A study of tank volume:to-collector area ratio for balcony wall-mounted solar water heater used in Kunming

The tank volume-to-collector area ratio (the ratio is abbreviated as V,/Ac) for balcony wall-mounted tim-plate solar water heaters is calculated by using the established mathematical model based on the typical meteorological data of Kunming. Calculation results with the azimuth angle of 0 o show that monthly, quarterly and annual average VJAc decreases with the increase […]

Researches on the Present Situation and Development of the Equipment Fault Prediction Technology

Fault prediction is the important way to improve the reliability and the guarantee efficiency of complex weapon equipment,and it's also one of the striking features of the fourth generation fighter.This paper processed analysis and researches focusing on the present situation of the fault prediction technology of domestic aviation equipment,and proposed 7 key technologies for futher […]

Analysis about Temperature Emergent Rising of Guide Bearing

There was a problem happened in unit 4 of a pumped storage power station when maintainance:the guide bearing temperature was rising rapidly, but the temperature of oil and cooling water was normal at the same. We deduced the reason preliminary was abrasive wear of guide bearing pads and decrease of oil film, applied the treatment […]

Heuristic Vogel Method for Solving Multistage Decision-Making Problems

To solve the shortages appeared in the process of solving multistage decision-making problems with dynamic programming, Heuristic Vogel method was creatively applied in solving this kind of issues for the first time. Its definitions and algorithm steps were provided and its time complexity was analyzed. This paper illustrated the solving process of Heuristic Vogel method […]