The effects of temperature (T) on oxide films for 316L stainless steel (316L S S) in borated and lithiated water without and with Zn injection were investigated by in situ potentiodynamic polarization curves and electrochemical impedance spectra (EIS). The protective property of oxide films in the Zn-free/Zn-injected solu- tion degraded with increasing temperature. With increasing […]

Analysis Method for Temperature of High Voltage Submarine Cable Based on IEC 60287 and Finite Element

The structure of high-voltage cross-linked polyethylene submarine cable is very complex, and the cable laid in special environment. The method of stratification and the parameter calculation are described in this paper according to IEC 60287 standard. The thermal circuit model and the matrix equation are built up to calculate the temperatures of the conductor and […]

Several Questions about Book of Rubbings of Gwanggaeto Stele – Commemorating Gwanggaeto Stele Built 1600 Years

After World War II, the research of Gwanggacto Stele has attracted wide attention of Chinese scholars and Japan, North Korea, South Korea scholars, in the process of studying text and history of Gwanggaeto Stele, also studied the book of rubbings of Gwanggaeto Stele. Currently discoverable book of rub- bings of Gwanggaeto Stele had the Shuang […]

The Hot Repairing Technology Discussion on Flash Furnace of System 1 in Guixi Smelter of Jiangxi Copper Corporation

Guixi Smelter gains experience and gets the technical summary through daily maintenance of the damageable parts of the refractory in the production. Combining with the characteristics of furnace structure,the common problems in the production were analyzed,and a set of technical solutions were developed.

Korean Views on Japan's Edo Period Thinkers

Japanese Korean concept is a collection of respect, defiance, aggression in a hybrid in Edo pe- riod. Feelings of respect is from the Japanese island as inconvenient in terms of absorbing the mainland cul- ture. Defiance psychology of Korean is the most noteworthy. Until the 18th century, Japan invaded Korea advo- cates gradually formed due […]

The Geographic Distribution and Historical Development of Address Terms of Grandmother in Chinese Dialects

There are mainly four types of address terms of grandmother in Chinese, ie. Po (婆), Nai (奶), Niang (娘), Ma (妈). The distribution of Po type and Nai type are wider. Po type appears earlier and mainly distributes in the south to Qinling mountain and Huaihe river. Nai type appears later and mainly distributes in […]

Unsteady Heat Transfer Model for Tank Power Device Based on Lumped!. Parameter Method

Based on the lumped parameter method,an unsteady heat transfer model is developed for a tank power device,in consideration of heat transfer in the engine combustion chamber, heat transfer among major engine components, cooling system, lubricating system, and power cabin airflow. The thermal coupling calculations are formulated including the combustion gas and the engine parts,between the […]

Methods of Fault Diagnosis and Prevention of Equipment Based on Extenics and Data Mining Technology

Aiming at the fault diagnosis and forecast of engine rotor, put forward the extenics data mining technology. Use the technology in fault diagnosis and forecast of engine rotor system, adopt extenies algorithm to excavate rotor system fault rule form lots of raw data. According to the principle of extenics mining contain knowledge, find the transformation […]

Behaviors of vanadium and chromium in coal-based direct reduction of high-chromium vanadium-bearing titanomagnetite concentrates followed by magnetic separation

The reduction behaviors of FeO·V2O3 and FeO·Cr2O3 during coal-based direct reduction have a decisive impact on the efficient utilization of high-chromium vanadium-bearing titanomagnetite concentrates. The effects of molar ratio of C to Fe n(C)/n(Fe) and temperature on the behaviors of vanadium and chromium during direct reduction and magnetic separation were investigated. The reduced samples were […]

Recovering Low-grade Resource in Meiziwo Tungsten Ore

The high-grade bonanza Meiziwo Tungsten Ore has been depleted after 90 years of mining. This paper studied the low-grade (less than 0.12%·m) resource recovery to improve utilization rate of mineral resources. The characteristics of the low grade vein mineral resources, such as thin veins, diverse faults, broken and unstable wall rocks contributes to the difficult […]