Impact on mechanical wear of physical property of the grease

Abrade while being what is called, refer to the intersection of antithesis and surface of movement pair the intersection of work and external material lose or produce course of residual deformation constantly at the relative motion. It is mainly the mechanical function because among the surfaces of antithesis to abrade the course, return sometimes in […]

Must pay attention to the basic item in storage of the grease

When the grease rubs against others to lubricate in the bearing on the part, it is the solid friction that substituted with its internal friction between the friction surfaces of parts. So, the degree of viscosity of the grease has very great influence in using the mechanical power consumption of the grease. If the grease […]

Maintenance technological analysis of the industry koyo cylindrical roller bearing

In order to maintain the original characteristic of the cylindrical roller bearing with the good state as for a long time as possible, must maintain, overhaul, so that accident proof on right, guarantee reliability that turn round, improve productive, economy. Maintain the operation or work standard of the condition of operating of preferably corresponding machinery, […]

Prevent spoiled maintenance method too early of KOYO thrust ball bearing

Need the surface of the clean machine first before checking, then dismantled the perimetral part of KOYO bearing. Oil seal fragile part very, take careful dismantlement, make sure not excessive application of force, then checking oil seal and perimetral part carefully, while already demonstrating bad symptom, must change, the bad oil seal will result in […]

Getting rid of the maintenance which is overhauled the grease differently and loudly of koyo major groove ball bearing

In order to judge whether koyo bearing dismantled can be reused, should check after ball bearing is washed clean in the major groove, check the surface of ball track meticulously, rolling surface, cooperating with the abrasion situations of Taxi state, retainer, increase of the bearing backlash and having damage regarding size accuracy drops, unusual. It […]

Koyo stainless steel bearing turn round and check and maintain the method at ordinary times while being carefree

Koyo bearing is because of one’s own quality and reason of the external condition in the course of using, its bearing capacity, rotating precision and wear-resisting characteristic to change in a moment. When the performance index of the stainless steel bearing can’t work normally while lower than the instructions for using, the bearing breaks down […]

[Bearing knowledge ] bearing heats four major development trends of treatment technology

[Heat four major development trends of treatment technology with Chinese car bearing network bearing knowledge ] bearing: The direct influence bearing heat treatment quality, and energy consumption and polluting of handling the equipment of heat of the bearing. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the technical development trend of the heat […]

The backlash of the antifriction bearing is determined with choosing and attentive matters

Principle and method that the backlash of the bearing measures The intersection of bearing and radial backlash it measures to be fixed inner circle or outer lane, it exerts to be can until examining value measure load steadily on the unfixable collar, and do the reciprocal movement on the basis of diameter direction to measure. […]

NTN imports accurate grinding and external grinding of the bearing

NTN imports accurate grinding and external grinding of the bearing NTN imports the bearing all bearing network When the accurate grinding, because coarse to expect very much, grinding trace that working appearance presents can observe frequently the grinding trace of it appearance mainly has the following aspects with the naked eye: Represent, appear, cross helical […]

The major cause of the corrosion of the antifriction bearing and work of antirusting of the bearing

The major cause of the corrosion of the antifriction bearing and work of antirusting of the bearing: Drench the gushing out type and antirust, management is more convenient, save labour force again, the middle storehouse antirusted with 2 individuals unable to finish in the past, use a person’s other work of being as now, also […]