Cash against delivery of triumphant bearing 6214C3E bearing of Sri Lankan of the normal product NSK kindness of producing

Preparation and attentive matters before the centrifugal pump of cash against delivery of triumphant bearing 6214C3E bearing of Sri Lankan of the normal product NSK kindness of producing is started (1)The intersection of preparation and the intersection of job and a. start, check name, type, main performance of lubricating oil and annotate the quantity to accord with the demands for technical documentation start; Whether the lubricating systems of the bearing, sealing arrangements and cooling systems are intact, the oil passage, water channel of the bearing is unblocked; A trochanter which moves the pump rotates by 1-2, check whether the trochanter rubs or blocks the phenomenon; The intersection of belt and the intersection of safeguard,etc. and place, are there incidentals that hindrance rotated near coupling joint; Whether the basic anchor bolt of the pump, pedestal, electric motor becomes flexible; Position where load is minimum when the valve or attachment of the work system of the pump should be in the pump operate, should close and export the controlling valve; Inching pump, see its impeller turns to whether to turn with designing to unanimity, if is inconsistent, after must make the impeller totally stall ing, after adjusting the interstar connection of electric motor, Fang Ke restarts. b.Fill water pump before start, pump case and absorb water, must fill ink first while being intraductal, this is because have it under situation that air exists, the pumping population vacuum is unable to take shape and keep. c.Unless it is warm pump delivery is high-temperature pump when it is liquid, such as the boiler feed pumps of power plant,by start must pump warm first. This is because the feed water pump feeds water and flows through the pump, make the pump body temperature degree rise from normal atmospheric temperature quickly to 100- 200 ¡æ in high temperature during start, this will cause the temperature difference inside and outside the pump and between every part, if there is not the heat time of long biography enough and control Wen Sheng’s measure appropriately, will make the pump swell unevenly, cause every part abrasion, vibration and bearing seize accident out of shape of pump body. ( 2) The intersection of starter and the intersection of centrifugal pump and the intersection of pump and lumen and absorb water intraductal to fill ink, have air all, export the pump to shut off. The warm pump of the feed water pump is finished. As to the pump of the forced lubrication, start the oil pump and supply the oil to every bearing. Start the cooling water pump or turn on the cooling water valve. Switching-in is started, the dead time of pump does not allow to exceed 2- 4min after starting, after making the rotational speed reach the rated value, turn on the outlet valve of the centrifugal pump gradually, increase the flowrate, and reach the load required. ( 3) The works Wen Sheng with the fixed antifriction bearing of attentive matters pump while running does not generally exceed 40 ¡æ, surface temperature does not exceed 70 ¡æ, otherwise prove that the trouble appears within the antifriction bearing, should shut down and check. If continue running, may cause the accident. The temperature to the sliding bearing stipulates, should consult the technical documentation about pump, the processing method is like antifriction bearing. Company’s address: Telephone number No. 91 of road of Xianyang of Tianjin Nankai area: The fax of 022-27616300 companies: The service hotline of 022-2761239024 hour: 15122082444 online QQ: 602296196 this text of 1529828111 Miss Zhang of 1040339000 Miss Shen of Mr. Liu comes from importing the bearing Co., Ltd. with fine jade full of trees of Tianjin. Our company guarantees all Swedish bearings, Japanese bearing, German bearing, NSK imports the bearing, FAG imports the bearing, SKF imports the bearing, NTN imports the bearing, it is all original packaging imported bearings that TIMKEN imports bearing, NACHI and imports the bearing ABBA straight line bearing HIWIN straight line bearing TBI bearing etc. and imports bearings. Company’s websiteshttp://www.senqizc.com

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