Ball bearing of major groove of 6321 null classes of Harbin

Dense bearing of gold. It is a sale, research and development, imported and exported special bearing to specialize in bearing and auxiliary products, selling company incorporating material, worker, trade into an organic whole. Accompanied by China’s industrial fast development, our constant efforts, with progressing on the industrial road all the time, strive to guide the bearing of the world to China, let the products of China go to the world! ” the family property is good at rotating, and then it is remarkable to show ” . The company has strong stock, will surely meet all trades and professions’ maintaining and related demand. The intersection of company and the intersection of ruggedization and business administration, set up the intersection of enterprise and key culture, until ” sincere, to the letter ” Obtain users’ trust.
Company’s main management: 0 kinds of major groove ball bearings, a kind of cente adjusting ball bearing, 2 kinds of cylindrical roller bearings, 3 kinds of cente adjusting roller bearings, 6 kinds of angles contact the ball bearing, 7 kinds of taper roller bearings, ball bearing of 8 strength of analogizing, roller bearing of 9 strength of analogizing, bearing of the rolling mill, miniature bearing, thin-walled bearing, P2, precision machine tool bearing of P4 grade, the exterior sphere brought stand bearing and SN pedestal, needle bearing, straight line, guide rail, optical axis, ball threaded bolt, bar end, gyro wheel, ball-and-socket bearing, compound bearing maintenance-free bearing, graphite copper jacket, SL, CARB install types such as cylindrical roller bearing, stainless steel bearing, ceramic bearing, steel rim, butter, engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, high-temperature oil,etc. products fully. Make to order various nonstandard one.
The products are used in extensively: Mine, trades such as the metallurgy, petroleum, cement, chemical industry, electrical machinery, steel factory, power plant, papermaking, jack-up, textile, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, machine for rubbing coal, port machinery,etc.
Company in line with ” Quality first, reputation first, service first ” Aim,by quality preferably, price, speeds, services optimal most quick when it is lowest last market. The company wishes and vast our country, other friend’s friendly trade relations of establishing long-term mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit! Welcome the masses of old and new customers to contact our company and negotiate the business!

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