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Stock AWMP-20 bearing

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The right health superior products in Suzhou are as follows:
ZWZ bearing, LYC bearing, HRB bearing, TR bearing ( The power plants, steel factories are specialized)
SKF bearing ( The intersection of sensor and bearing, the intersection of forklift truck and bearing, transfer heart get away sub bearing, mix ceramic bearing, ceramic ball bearing, dark ditch ball | The angle contacts SKF tools such as the ball bearing, bearing heater,etc.) ;
NSK bearing (unidirectional bearing, the bearing of the lathe, the main shaft bearing of the lathe, the ball guide screw supports bearing,etc.) ;
IGUS (plastic bearing) IGUS (able to bear corroding plastic bearing, towing the chain, slippery guides,etc.) ;
IKO (the intersection of gyro wheel and bearing, needle bearing, sub bearing, the intersection of straight line and guide,etc. alternately) ;
KAYDON bearing ( Ultrathin wall bearing) ;
KOYO (off-centre bearing, cam bearing,etc.) ;
THK (straight line bearing, slippery piece, guide,etc.) ;
TIMKEN bearing ( Deep ditch ball bearing, taper roll sub bearing, needle bearing) ;
FAG bearing ( Ultraprecise bearing, ultrafast bearing, the whole pottery | Mix the ceramic bearing) ;
Stieber (unidirectional bearing, unidirectional clutch bearing) .
The products are mainly suitable for: Spaceflight, railway, car, lathe, port, electrical machinery, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, textile, printing, woodwork, water and electricity and complete network and maintenance specialized imported bearing of different machine-building.
The right health Company of Suzhou carries on prompt adjustment to stock information through the network at the same time, guarantee from inquire the price, offer, deliver, enter, deposit pin, manage integratively. Welcome the incoming telegram to inquire about relevant bearing types, size, drawing, structure, specification, type, producer, parameter, price, quotations!

The right health electromechanical Trade Co., Ltd of Suzhou, in order to serve the customer better, is satisfied with the masses of user’s different demands, the company mainly sells the bearing brand on five metals electromechanical fittings, car fittings and domain of spare part in common use as follows: Domestic (ZWZ, LYC, HRB, TR, TWB, C U, univesal, TMB,etc.) ; Sweden (SKF) ; Germany (FAG, INA, IGUS, GMN,etc.) ; Japan (NSK, NTN, JNS, KOYO, NACHI, IKO, EZO, EASE, ASAHI, JAF, TSUBAKI, IJK, NMB, THK, FYH,etc.) ; France (SNR) ; Britain (RHP) ; U.S.A. (TIMKEN, TORR, McGILL, MRC, LINK-BELT, FAFNIR, ROLLWAY, SEALMASTER, BOSTON,etc.) ; Korea S. (SAMICK, KBS) Wait for other imported brand bearings. Welcome to patronize one commonly
Department! All products are imported original packagingly without exception, especially occupy certain advantage in the counterpart to the lathe main shaft bearing, welcome to send a telegram or a letter here to choose!
Bearing BMB-6202/032S2/UB008A bearing
Bearing BMB-6202/032S2/UB108A bearing
Bearing BMO-6204/048S2/UA008A bearing
Bearing BMO-6204/048S2/UA108A bearing
Bearing BMO-6205/048S2/UA008A bearing
Bearing BMO-6205/048S2/UA108A bearing
Bearing BMO-6206/064S2/UA008A bearing
Bearing BMO-6206/064S2/UA108A bearing
Bearing BMB-6208/080S2/UB008A bearing
Bearing BMB-6208/080S2/UB108A bearing
Bearing BMB-6209/080S2/UB008A bearing
Bearing BMB-6209/080S2/UB108A bearing
Bearing BMB-6202/032S2/EA002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6204/048S2/EA002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6205/048S2/EA002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6206/064S2/EA002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6208/080S2/EB002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6209/080S2/EB002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6202/032S2/UA002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6204/048S2/UA002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6205/048S2/UA002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6206/064S2/UA002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6208/080S2/UB002A bearing
Bearing BMB-6209/080S2/UB002A bearing

Sweden imports SKF all serial bearing products and SKF and maintains and lubricates the products
(1)All serial SKF bearings, SKF electrical machinery bearings
(2)Install tools (SKF cold installation tool with SKF bearing, SKF bearing heater, SKF bearing carcase clamp, SKF nut spanner, SKF high temperature resistant work gloves)
(3)SKF hydraulic technological bearing installs tools (SKF hydraulic nut, SKF hydraulic pump, SKF fuel-injection device, SKF manometer, SKF high-pressure hose)
(4)SKF is right to hit tools (SKF rotation axis centering instrument, SKF? ? ? Exploding axle centering instrument, SKF belt pulley centering instrument)
(5)SKF basic state monitors tools (SKF electronic stethoscope, SKF thermoscope, SKF examines and shakes pens, SKF thermal imaging system, SKF tachometer, SKF monitors a set of piece)
(6)SKF bearing dismantles tools (SKF bearing machinery type drawing device, SKF hydraulic pressure drawing device, drawing device a set of piece SKF, SKF other dismantlement tools)
(7)SKF bearing lubricates oil series (SKF lubricate the oil, some automatic fuel-injection device of SKF form, SKF, to some automatic fuel-injection device, SKF lubricating grease flow meter, SKF oil annotating device)

The name of product: Stock AWMP-20 bearing New type: The old type of the stock AWMP-20 bearing: Stock AWMP-20 bearing internal diameter: 29( mm) External diameter: 46( mm) Weight: 2( kg) Bearing material: High-temperature bearing steel use: Engineering machinery Type: The angle contacts the ball bearing

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