Effect of heating style on gasification process of pilot scale bubble fluidized bed

In order to study the heat process characteristics of pilot scale bubbing fluidized bed, by using the self heating pilot scale bubbling fluidized bed reactor of 50 kg/h in capacity, with sawdust as raw material, the experimental study on air gasification were conducted. At present, the externally heating for the fluidized bed startup was widely […]

Chemical structure analysis of oil shale kerogen

Five different oil shale kerogens were analyzed with advanced testing techniques (XRD,13C NMR and FT-IR) to obtain important structural information. The long-range disordered state of aggregation was also confirmed by XRD. Using13C NMR spectroscopy, 18 characteristic parameters of carbon skeleton structure were obtained. Detailed information about the chemical structure of kerogen was obtained through verifying […]

Numerical study on bifurcation characteristics of two phase natural circulation flow excursion

To study the static instabilities of natural circulation, one computation program is designed to calculate the flow of two phase natural circulation by building the physical and mathematical model of an experimental system. The bifurcation characteris- tics of two phase natural circulation flow excursion and the effects of parameters are studied. The single and two […]

Study of Depressurization Process for Supercritical Fluid

The loss of coolant accident (LOCA ) research of the supercritical water‐cooled reactor (SCWR) is the key and difficult task for the safety analysis ,and especial‐ly the research of the depressurization process of the pressure vessel is of crucial impor‐tance .The reactor pressure vessel was simplified and mathematical physics models were established in this study […]

Dynamic Model of Line Throwing Rocket System With Flight Motion Based on Kane’s Method

To study the ballistic characteristics of line throwing rocket(LTR)system,a dynamic model based on Kane’s method was presented.The LTR with flight motion was described,and the rope was divided into ndiscrete finite segments by finite segment method.The dynamic model of the LTR was developed under the consideration of the forces such as the gravity,thrust,aerodynamic forces and the […]

Void Fraction Measurement in Vertical Slug Flow

A double-tip needle-contact capacitance probe is proposed to measure the void fraction as well as the bubble velocity of the slug flow in the vertical air-water two-phase flows. The working principle of this probe is derived by theoretical analyses, and then dynamic experiments are performed to acquire the signals of slug flow. The results show […]

Changes of Aroma Volatiles during Berry Ripening of Kyoho Grape

Aroma is one of the most important berry qualities. The eight-year Kyoho grape vines were selected to determine berry aroma. Aroma volatiles of Kyoho grape were extracted by headspace solid phase microextraction. Aroma variety and amount were detected by GC/MS QP2010 Plus. The results showed that aroma volatiles of Kyoho berries consisted of esters,terpenes, aldehydes, […]

Analysis on Effect of Optimizing Fuel Compositions on Reduction of Cost in Center for Energy and Power of Pangang

In consideration of the problems that the amount of consumption of pt)wer coal in Center for Energy and Power of Pangang is so large and the quantities of the fume emissions are out of the rated values specified in specification in Panzhihua Steel Vanadium Co., Ltd. of Pangang Group, the emission rate of BF gas […]

Study on Collaborative Optimization Control of Ventilation and Radon Reduction System Based on Multi-Agent Technology

According to the radioactive safety features such as radon and its progeny, combined with the theory of ventilation system, structure of multi-agent system for ventilation and radon reduction system is constructed with the application of multi agent technology. The function attribute of the key agent and the connection between the nodes in the multi-agent system […]