Asymptotic Control Method for Logistics Transportation Trust in Highland Area Based on Deviation Access

When the current method is used to control the logistics transportation in the plateau area,the time taken for the control is longer.The results obtained by evaluating the trust level of logistics transportation in the plateau area are inconsistent with the actual situation,and there are problems of low control efficiency and low accuracy of trust evaluation.This paper proposes a progressive control method for logistics transportation trust based on deviation access,and performs bias correction processing on the data existing in the logistics and transportation database,reduces the deviation of data in the database,and realizes deviation access.Analyze the plateau region through indirect reputation and direct reputation.The trust problem of logistics transportation introduces the incentive factor variable into the evaluation of logistics transportation trust,establishes the trust evaluation model of logistics transportation in the plateau region,and builds on the basis of trust evaluation model based on factors such as service quality,transportation scale effect,facilities and inventory control strategy.The progressive control model of logistics transportation trust in the plateau region realizes the progressive control of trust in logistics transportation.The experimental results show that the proposed method has high control efficiency andhigh accuracy.