Application of NSK bearing in the engineering machinery trade

Kind and type of the mechanical equipment of project are various, the main kind is: Forklift truck, shovel soil transportation machinery, debulk machinery, concrete machinery,etc..

A lot of modern large-scale engineering machinery such as pitch mix and stir the apparatus, stability soil and mix and stir scale such as the apparatus, uniting breaker very largely, the quality of every part, in dozens of to several hundred tons, and engineering machinery mostly work in abominable environments such as the silt, gravel, rainwater and wind and snow,etc., technological state its must other machinery drop fast, cooperation among the part appear at various degrees become flexible, abrasion, corrosion and form dirt, every attachment cooperates with property, the parts mutual position relation and organization’s working harmony,etc. to be influenced in various degree, cause indexes of performance such as its motive force, economy, dependability,etc. to drop, even cause the machine accident. Therefore, must pay attention to the engineering machinery the spare part especially NSK bearing is selected for use and maintained with technology, a high-quality NSK bearing can improve the working life of engineering machinery, raises working efficiency, thus is promoted on the economic benefits.

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