Application of fine lithofacies division method in shale hydrocarbon´╝ÜTaking Toolebuc Formation shale in Eromanga Basin of Australia as an example

Searching sweet-point is the breakthrough point in shale hydrocarbon study and the storage and preservation condition are the key-point problems.The experiments and analysis methods such as TOC,scanning electron microscope,property analysis and X-ray diffraction are applied in this study.According to the lithology features analysis of Toolebuc Formation shale in Eromanga Basin,it is considered that calcite,sand contents and TOC have positive correlation with porosity,clay contents have negative correlation with oil saturation.Based on cores and logging dates,the lithofaices of Toolebuc Formation shale are fine divided and the lithofacies association favorable to the storage and preservation of Toolebuc Formation shale are analyzed.The result shows that the shales have dominating hydrocarbon condition,lime-shale lithofacies,sandy shale lithofacies and argillaceous lithofaices containing high abundance organic matter,which are the sweet-point areas for shale hydrocarbon accumulation.