Application of crochet pre?split nucleus in phacoemulsification of cataract

Objective Investigate the application effect of crochet prechopping nucleus in phacoemulsification.Methods The study subjects were 46 patients(53 eyes)of all age?related cataract patients with GradeⅢ?Ⅳof nucleus hardness hospitalized in Wuhu Second People Hospital from January to September of 2017.The patients were randomly assigned into two groups:the crochet prenuclear group(27 eyes of 23 cases),the ultrasound intercepting nucleus group(26 eyes of 23 cases).The effective ultrasound time(EPT),postoperative corneal edema,and the uncorrected visual acuity and complications were compared.Results The EPT of the crochet prechopping group(6.69±2.69)s was lower than(9.49±3.03)s of the control group(P<0.05).The incidence of corneal edema was lower than that of the ultrasound intercepting nucleus group,and the difference was significant(P<0.05).The visual acu?ity of the two groups was improved after operation,but the improvement of visual acuity in the crochet prechopping group was more obvious than that in the ultrasound intercepting nucleus group.There was no serious complication in the two groups.Conclusion The EPT of crochet prechopping is short,and the incidence of corneal edema is low after operation,which improves the vision of pa?tients early and has no serious complications.