Application and Progress of Microwave Technology in Field of Precious Metals

Precious metals were widely used in industry and became important materials of modern industry and national defense construction due to the properties of excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance,high melting point,conductivity and catalytic activity.The main problems of precious metals metallurgy,processing and regeneration technology were long cycle,low efficiency,low recovery rate,high reagent consumption,high energy consumption,complicated operation and serious environmental pollution. Microwave was widely applied to industrial production as a special and green heating mode for its special way of energy transfer and conversion. In recent years,microwave technology was applied and developed in the field of precious metals. The research results and progress of microwave technology applied in mineral processing and extraction,analyses,materials preparation and secondary materials recycling were reviewed. Research results proved that microwave technology had many advantages over traditional methods including high efficiency,high speed,high utilization rate,low energy consumption and environment-friendliness. With the development of basic theory and equipment,microwave technology would be more effective and be widely used in the field of precious metals,and promote the development and new opportunities of precious metals industry.