Analysis on the Implementation and Guarantee Mechanism of Practical Teaching in Metallurgical Engineering

The practice teaching is an important part of the teaching process, which has a profound influence on the students'comprehensive quality and the ability to solve practical problems.Taking into account the particularity of metallurgical engineering,students after learning the knowledge of the textbook, and ultimately need to put their own learning into the actual operation.Beforethe graduation of the students, the organization of their practice teaching link has become the link between the textbook knowledgeand the actual operation.In the specific development of teaching links, the characteristics of the subject, the ability of the schooland the environment and the needs of the students are considered.In the practice teaching of metallurgical engineering at present.Theimplementation of many metallurgical engineering class schools have put enough energy to complete metallurgical engineering specialty'spractice teaching, but there are still some problems.With the development of metallurgical engineering and science and technology, theteaching content of metallurgical engineering has changed greatly. This paper will start from the analysis of the current teaching problems,combined with the current teaching characteristics of metallurgical engineering practice teaching link implementation and protection ofspecific analysis.