Analysis on Sperm Morphology in Epididymis and Testis of Oura-type Tibetan Sheep

The experienment collected semen in testis and epididymis of Oura-type Tibetan sheep and sperm morphological parameters in different locations were observed. The results showed the sperm densities were 1.05╳10^7/mL in testis, 4.31╳10^7/mL in head of epididymis, 2.13╳10^7/mL in body of epididymis an d 1.42╳10^8/mL in tail of epididymis;the sperm deformity rates were 14.18% in testis, 15.13% in head of epididymis, 15.7% in body of epididymis and 15.20% in tail of epididymis;the acrosome integrity rates were 70.15% in the testis, 70.09% in the epididymis head, 71.53% in the epididymis body and 70.76% in tail of epididymis. The results illustrated that the sperm densities and acrosome integrity rates in the testis and epididymis of the Oura-type Tibetan sheep were lower than results reported in other breeds, so it may account for the different feed and low temperature in which Oura-type Tibetan sheep have lived, but the sperm deformity rates were in accordance with the fertilization standard.