Analysis of Temperature Field of Friction Pairs for Spindle Brake of Wind Turbine

The three-dimensiona] finite element model of spindle brakeof a large-scale wind turbine was built based on the finite software ANSYS.The thermal load was applied in repetition using parametric design language APDL.The numerical computation of temperature field of brake disc under normal operation and emergency conditions were completed.The results show that the temperature distribution of brake disc is not uniform, and temperature of disc surface in friction area is fluctuated in the jagged with thermal shock.The highest temperature of friction on surface appears approximately in 3/5 braking process, and the temperature in emergency conditions is much higher than that in normal operation. After the end of the brake, the friction heat is moving towards non-friction area from friction area, and the axial temperature in friction area tends to be consistent, while, the inner temperature in non-friction area is higher than the surface temperature in axial direction.