Analysis of influence on the solar simulator light source off-focus to the spot

Aiming at focusing-type solar simulator,the paper researches the relationship between the defocusing amount and the facula irradiance.With the optical system of focusing-type solar simulator as research object,simulation is conducted based on a short-arc xenon lamps and its ellipsoidal condenser.According to the xenon lamp energy distribution figure and its distribution curve flux,the luminous body is simplified to cylindrical luminous light which emits light only on the flank.Model for the simplified luminous light and its ellipsoidal condenser are established in the optical simulation software TracePro,and the impact of axial and radial deviation on the facula is simulated.The results show that light off-focus has little influence on the average of facula irradiance,but has great influence on the maximum value and the distribution of facula irradiance as well as the facula area.The result provides a theoretical reference for the design and alignment of solar simulator focusing system.