Analysis of Economical Desulfurization Process of Low Carbon Steel during LF Refining

Combined with the refining practice of a certain low carbon steel, the effect of refining slag amount, CaF2 content in the slag and argon blowing amount per ton steel on the desulphurization was analyzed under the condition of CaO-CaF2 refining slag system. The apparent desulfurization coefficient(KS)’s change was also studied in the early LF refining stage, and proposed an economical desulfurization practice process. The result showed that, during the early stage of LF refining, with the increasing of argon blowing flow, KS increases gradually. The argon blowing amount per ton steel is 0.26-0.28 m^3/t, the slag quantity is 22 kg/t and the CaF2 content in the slag is 26%-28%, the desulfurization rate is higher and the desulfurization effect is better.