An Experimental Investigation on the Damaged Behavior of Hybrid Composite Laminates under Ballistic Impact

The aim of this paper is to investigate the impact damaged behavior of hybrid composite laminates under bullet impact,a series of glass-carbon/epoxy and Kevlar-carbon/epoxy inter laminated hybrid plates are tested by using steel projectile propelled by gas gun,and the damage zones is inspected by use of ultrasonic non-destructive test method.Through the analysis of the experimental results obtained,some understandings of the regularity are obtained as follows:compared with the common composite laminates,hybrid composite laminates could improve the impact damage resistant performance observably.Furthermore,the glass-carbon/epoxy hybrid plates show a better effect in reducing the damage zone than the Kevlar-carbon/epoxy plates.But the delamination propagation happened between the layers of different materials,the stacking sequence should be further considered.