A Temperature Field Measurement Method of Billet Based on Multi Information Fusion and the Analysis of Influencing Factors

In the continuous casting process, the internal temperature of billet is difficult to be measured real-time and the surface temperature is difficult to be measured accurately. The steady-state heat transfer models can' t be used for simulation the actual casting operations which vary frequently. A real-time heat transfer model was developed, especially the influencing factors of model were analyzed. Considering the interference of scales which strip randomly on the billet surface to the temperature measurement, the CCD (charge coupled device) surface temperature measurement system was developed. Combined with numerical analysis method, the real temperatures of billet were restored. The impact of scales was effectively eliminated and the fluctuation of measured surface temperature within the range of ± 10℃. The temperature field measurement of billet was realized based on multi-information fusion of CCD temperature measurement system, measured shell thickness and numerical analysis method. This provides the basis that the surface temperatures take into account to closed-loop control and dynamic optimization water distribution.