A Study on the Phonetic Annotation of Tongxuan Zhenjing(通玄真经) in Daozang(道藏) Edition

The phonetic annotation of Tongxuan Zhenjing(通玄真经),literally known as Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery,incorporated in Daozang(道藏),literally Collected Taoist Scriptures,boasts great corpus value. The Daozang(道藏) edition,the Song Dynasty edition and The Series of Tie Hua Guan(铁华馆丛书) edition,though slightly different from one another,are in fact homologous in origin. Xu Lingfu's phonetic annotation of Tongxuan Zhenjing(通玄真经) in the Tang Dynasty had diversified features in terms of the content,while Du Daojian's version in the Yuan Dynasty could be viewed as an inheritance and reformation of Xu Lingfu's version, but with obvious features of its own. Nevertheless,Du Daojian's phonetic annotation was not limited to the use of local dialect of areas surrounding Suzhou,which suggested that a type of phonetic annotation marked by the use of general language in the Song and Yuan dynasties had come to the fore.