A Star Sensor Calibration Method Based on Attitude Correlated Frame

A star sensor calibration method based on the attitude correlated frame (ACF) is proposed, which can realize the calibration by the astronomical observation outdoors. First, the correlated superposition among the multi- frame star maps is achieved by utilizing the high accuracy angle information provided by the gyro unit which is installed in a strapdown manner with the star sensor. Then, the imaging mapping model between the star and the image point among the multi-frame star maps is established. Finally, the global optimization of the intrinsic parameters for the star sensor is realized by using the least square algorithm. The simulation results show that the proposed method is more precise and robust than the calibration method based on the interstar angles. Moreover, the installation matrix between the star sensor and the gyro unit can be calibrated simultaneously by this method, and thus it is suitable for the parameter calibration of the shipboard, airborne inertial/celestial integrated navigation systems.