A Moving Coordinate Numerical Method for Analyses of Electromagneto-Mechanical Coupled Behavior of Structures in a Strong Magnetic Field Aiming at Application to Tokamak Structures

Analysis of the electromagneto-mechanical coupling effect contributes greatly to the high accuracy estimation of the EM load of many EM devices, such as a tokamak structure during plasma disruption. This paper presents a method for the numerical analysis of the electromagnetomechanical coupling effect on the basis of Maxwell's equations in the Lagrangian description and staggered load transfer scheme, which can treat the coupled behaviors of magnetic damping and magnetic stiffness effects at the same time. Codes were developed based on the ANSYS development platform and were applied to solve two typical numerical examples: the TEAM Problem 16 and dynamic behavior analysis of a shallow arch under electromagnetic force. The good consistency of numerical results and experimental data demonstrates the validity and accuracy of the proposed method and the related numerical codes.