A High Precision Frequency Estimation Method for Echo Signal of Underwater Body Target

Aiming at that body target effect of target echo has an impact on the estimated Doppler frequency precision of echo signal in work area of torpedo acoustic-fuze,the Rife-Segmented Phase Difference Method is proposed.The high estimation precision of echo signal´╝çs Doppler frequency is achieved by the method through combining the traditional Rife algorithm and the Segmented Phase Difference algorithm.It significantly improves the overall performance of the algorithm,fully retains the advantages of the two algorithms and overcomes the respective defects by the estimated signal frequency is preprocessed and different estimation algorithms are used in different frequency.Simulation result shows it can well extract Doppler frequency information of target echo in work area of the torpedo acoustic-fuze to achieve precise prediction of burst spot with high estimation precision and good stability,which has certain engineering application value.