A Design of High-voltage Power Supply for VOCs Purifier

A design of high-voltage power supply for volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) purifier was intro- duced. The working principle and the waveform of each circuit were analyzed in detail. The half-bridge inverter was used as main circuit in this power supply. SG3525 was used as the control signal generator, which had the advantages of convenient frequency regulating and duty regulating. The LC series resonant circuit was used to en- hance the primary coil voltage of step-up transformer, which could reduce the requirement of the transformer rati- o. Two module superposition method was adopted to double the pulsating voltage, which could not only enhance the load-carrying capacity but also reduce the requirement of the transformer insulation and the diodeg breakdown voltage. A VOCs purifier which adopted the high-voltage power supply as key component was applied to purify benzene, toluene and formaldehyde. The experiment results indicated that the purification effect was perfect, and the power supply designed for VOCs purification is feasible and effective.