A Bibliometric Analysis of Kidney Deficiency Syndrome Researches´╝Ü Based on CNKI, Cqvip, and Wanfang Database

In order to get an overall view of the research on kidney deficiency syndrome in China in the past fifty years, this paper analyses the variations of the amounts of related research papers in the CNKI, Cqvip, Wanfang database from 1960 to 2013. By GIS technology, the authors show the research on kidney deficiency syndrome in China in different periods. They find 618 pieces of research literature, identify 19 important domestic researchers, and get to know their affiliated institution and major orientation. Six regions such as Shanghai are found to have obvious advantages in this field. At the end of the paper the authors draw the conclusion that important researchers in this field are greatly different in their research approaches, that the existing research findings mainly focus on the kidney Yang deficiency syndrome and there are limitations in both the research methods and the corresponding findings, that the communication of researchers in different regions is obviously inadequate, lacking cooperation with each other, and so though the research is of guidance to clinical practices in TCM, it is going farther and farther away from the kidney theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.